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The following are DVDs and VHS tapes that I own.
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Finally gave in and created an account. I'm a Takarazuka fan and also see a lot of jdramas.

Don Juan

Dec. 5th, 2016 02:20 pm
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My Don Juan DVD came and I actually waited 3 days before watching it.
I am firmly now in the Daimon camp. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about until I saw Kenshin.
Then she was great in Hoshiai Hitoyo . Now with Don Juan I'll be very disappointed if she's not Chigi's successor.
Her acting and singing was spot on.
It's hard to switch from hating to supporting a character. Daimon's portrayal did that.
Being tortured by his father and the ghost makes him a character that you feel sorry for and then he turns evil again then turns good again.
What a roller coaster!

The supporting cast was fantastic. Loved Ayakaze Sakina as Don Carlo. She was also great in Kenshin.
Karyou Shizuru as the ghost was amazing. Creepy.
Towaki Sea as Raphael also gets a big shout out.

I think they have to put more thought in staging the smaller productions and they did very well in this case.
The destruction of the statue was really impressive and the ghost suddenly showing up had me going back to detect when she came on stage.
All in all one of those amazing smaller productions. See it!
The only thing it needed was a better finale. Shangri-la and Nijinsky had way better finales.
I hate to confess this but I've had Al Capone sitting in the 'have to see' pile for a long time. I'll have to dig it out now.


Jun. 2nd, 2015 03:41 pm
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I've been looking forward to this and so far I like what I've seen of the shinjin kouen and the digests posted. Chapi looks like she's doing a fantastic job. I'm looking forward to the DVD.

I just checked the ticket availability in Tokyo and it's sold out for the whole run! Wow.....good job Tsukigumi!


Feb. 22nd, 2015 08:57 pm
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On her Facebook page Kiriya has announced the death if Finch. I feel lucky that I actually saw him in the car that picked Kiriya up.

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I was watching this.....nice singing and dancing (it's Anju afterall) and all of a sudden I'm thinking that person looks familiar. So does that one....and that one. I looked it up and look how many top stars are in this production.

Anju Mira, Maya Miki, Aika Mire, Makoto Tsubasa, Shibuki Jun, Takumi Hibiki, Sena Jun
I couldn't find Haruno Sumire name anywhere but she was in this troupe at the time I think.

Musume Top Stars - Morina Miharu, Dan Rei, Tsukikage Hitomi

Honorable Mention: Hatsukaze Midori

edit: oops...forgot one more top star: Shizuki Asato
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This week I saw Count's Daughter and Elizabeth twice each.
Count's Daughter was nice Chigi and Sakihi make a very cute couple. Their duet got lots of applause. I think everyone was shocked that there was actually a lift in the duet. They didn't think Chigi would be strong enough. I keep forgetting that Dai-chan is now in the snow troupe so it was a shock when I saw her. This was the first time I've seen Natsumi You in person. She is very powerful and had a really nice solo.
The music was good and everyone seemed happy that Chigi was now the top star.

Nozomi Fuuto did very good as Luigi but Kiriya will always be my ideal Luigi and Oozora my favorite Rudolph.
Asumi was very good as Death. Her voice was strong and she would get creepy at the right times. Her costumes were very subtle and would look good in the DVD closeups or through binoculars but would look plain from the theater seats. I still say that Ayaki Nao got the best Death costumes.
I saw one time with Serika Toa as Rudolph and the other with Yuzuka Rei. I like Serika's voice better but thought Yuzuka fit the part better.
Micchan has become my favorite Franz. She was great.
I'm so happy that Ranno Hana stayed to play this part. Wow...she was good.
I loved seeing this in person. There is so much going on. My respect for those who play the Death Angels has gone up. They do so much during the performance.
Considering that Elizabeth was my introduction to Takarazuka and my first DVD I'm glad I saw this.


Oct. 10th, 2014 05:05 am
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I was right. Puck is perfect for Masaki. Thanks to happy_riceball and her fan club I had wonderful seats both days. Row 14 and Row 11. I'm spoiled!
The first day I was mostly searching for Hayami Sei in each scene using my binoculars so I missed the bigger picture. This was the first time I had seen her in the otokoyaku dance.
I like Puck and I even liked the revue.
Today, no binoculars because I already knew where Hayami would be. It was even better the second time around. Great show.
Manaki gets better and better and looks like she has surpassed Masaki in the dancing category. Tamaki feels like a nibante and she's still too young.
Crystal Takarazuka has one number where they dance and sing in the aisles. I was in the 2nd seat from the aisle and today who stops at our row? Hayami Sei! Perfect ending.
I'm really glad I got to see this. Perfect for the Moon troupe and a bonus in seeing Hayami in her last production.
Depending on the weather I may go to Kyoto tomorrow. I'm leaving Osaka a day early (Sunday) to get to Tokyo before the typhoon hits. It was that or stay in Osaka a couple more days and maybe miss a performance of the Count's Daughter.

Sports Day

Oct. 7th, 2014 05:52 pm
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Sport's Day was worth every yen I spent on getting the ticket. I'll be writing about the performances and the events in general. I won't say who won what or the final outcome. PM me if you want the results.
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All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. It lasted 3 hours so I wonder what gets cut out. Probably the MC fillers between each event.

The Meme

Aug. 27th, 2014 12:07 pm
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1. What have you been up to in the last year or two?
Turned 60. In the last two years I've done 14 half marathons which should make my doctor happy except I've gained weight because I get hungry doing all this exercise!

2. What is the last Takarazuka show you saw and what did you think of it?
Sun King (DVD) Fantastic! See my review

3. What was your favorite Takarazuka show of 2013?
Toss up between Phoenix Wright 3 and Wild Meets the Wild. I miss Hiro and Hasumi Yuuya
The worst: REON II. How many songs were from the first concert?

4. What actress surprised you the most in 2013?
I didn't watch a lot of the shows from 2013 and I'm still confused after that mass transfer.

5. What do you think about the 100th anniversary so far?
Too many retirements! Wish they they did some more old productions.

6. What troupe you do think will win the Sports Day Festival? (And what troupe will you be rooting for regardless?)
Tsukigumi. Remember Masaki in the musical chairs in 2004? She was the one that would grab a chair away from people so that they would fall on the ground.
I'm sure that she's teaching that technique to everyone.
Yukigumi since I'll be sitting in that section.

7. What shows do you want for 2015?
Not something repeated from this year except the Sun King. Did we really need Jin again?

Sun King

Aug. 27th, 2014 11:51 am
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I've watched The Sun King serveral times now and I'm impressed.

I've seen the French version on youtube when zaraphena first pointed it out. Yes, the French
had a lot more gymnastics and circus acts but I didn't miss them at all.

Yuzuki is great and they put her dancing to good use. She dances a lot in this production. I'm going to miss her.

I wondered what they would do with all the major female parts and it was a real treat to see all the
musume get major parts. It was refreshing.

Of course Bene played the part I figured she would and it was perfect for her.

Did all of Hoshi take voice lessons?? Makaze's voice is now deep and strong and Bene sounded great.
I no longer cringe when I think of her as a future top.
Even Yuzuki and Masako sounded better. It was amazing.

I hope they redo this as a grand stage production but who would be good in this role?


May. 22nd, 2014 09:48 am
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Yea!! Hayami Sei is on the list for Puck. At first I panicked because I was looking for the hiragana せい and didn't find her. Then I remembered that she used all kanji. Then since the wiki is down and the mirror didn't display kanji I had to search around my documents and finally found her name in kanji 隼海 惺 and yes....her name is on the list.

I'm glad she is back. I miss the wiki because I would look for news every day and I'm always looking stuff up.
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This has been a year with OG's in Dramas. Amami Yuki of course had her new series, Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu, which was pretty good and I liked it.

There was another series, Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu, that also had an OG as the lead. It was Dan Rei. I didn't realize it was her until episode 10. This wasn't my favorite drama but episode 11 was really powerful and she did a great job.
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OG's have been making their way to this drama. Matobu Sei in episode 1 and now Shibuki Jun in episode 6. She is not a nice person in this episode.
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Just watched the first episode of Tenchuu-Yami no Shiokinin on gooddrama. When the character of the abused housewife first showed up I thought she looked very familiear. Sure enough it was Matobu Sei.
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Yea Chigi!!! I'm glad she gets her chance to be top star. She needs to gain some weight before she takes over, she doesn't have any to spare.
I hope she sticks around for a while so that I'll have a chance to see her.
Sakihi Miyu as top musume. I liked her in Haru no Yuki

Sou Kazuho

Feb. 12th, 2014 03:33 pm
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20 months???!!!! Only 20 months? Darn...I'll never see her perform live.
Is this when Chigi gets to be top star?
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Ugh!! Just noticed that Hayami Sei won't be in New Wave because of an illness. I hope it's not an injury and that she gets well soon.
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It's nice when the expected actually happens. My plans for next year has changed.
I was planning on only going to Osaka, Takarazuka, and Kyoto. No Tokyo. Now the Flower troupe will be in Tokyo during that time. Sigh....add hundreds of dollars to my plans to see Asumi as top star if I can get tickets to the production.
Happy for her. I'm sure she'll be great.

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Cosmos 2003-2004
Decided to watch something with Hiro since I'm feeling sad that she will be gone in a couple of months. Realized that I had this and she played the lead.

OMG! The cast in this shinjin. Hiro has the lead and the other major parts were played by:
Toki Irisu (Masako)
Nanaho Hikaru (Eriko) - I miss her!
Sagiri Seina (Chigi)
All with solos and looking very young.


Chigi looks so small when she stands next to Hiro!!

I happend to look at the end of a chorus line and there was somebody very familiar, Harukaze Misato!
I guess this was her 2nd or 3rd year and had a minor part.

The other 88's (Hasumi Yuuya, Houshou Dai, and Hanakage Arisu) were also there and Arisu had a nice little solo.

Nagina Ruumi was a first year and had a very visible role.

Very good musumes were in this production with the lead played by Otono Izumi otherwise known as the Phantom's mother and Ayano Kanami was also in this production.

Don't know much about the story line but it's worth it just to watch the youngsters sing and dance. I'll be watching this over and over since it has so many of my favs.

Haven't watched the Wao, Hana, Mizu version yet. I have it and it's on the pile of things to watch. I almost don't want to watch the grown-up version until I'm tired of this version.

I swear, I am totally impressed whenever I think of the otokoyaku and musume that Wao and Hana's Cosmos troupe trained. Lots of high ranked members and top stars came out this troupe from those years.
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