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Finally watched Speakeasy and Sniper.  It was fitting that this was Maya Miki's last show.  She makes a good gangster.  You can see why she was so popular and what the attraction was. 
I recognize some of the songs but one had me stumped until towards the end when I realized that it was 'Pirate Jenny'.  I only knew that one because Judy Collins sang it on one of her albums (yes.....before cds).
It was fun seeing who the young gangsters were, Mizu Natsuki, Sena Jun,  and Ranju Tomu. 
Sniper was fun, upbeat, and Maya Miki did a lot and sweated a lot.  Was that Osa singing the theme to Love Boat?  I guess that's called paying your dues on the way to the top.
I haven't seen much with Aika Mire so it was nice that as the next top star she was very visable.
I'd recommend this production to anyone and since it's only on VHS it's a lot cheaper than a DVD.  Catch is, you need a VHS player.
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I just watched Maya Miki's dinner show, Nice Guy.  Watching this and Miki at Bukodan shows why Maya Miki was one the most popular top stars.  Her interaction with the audience, the flirting, and the undressing and dressing on stage was fantastic. Watching Nice Guy you never forgot that she was the TOP STAR.  She just had presence.

A nice surprise in watching Nice Guy was that one of the four backup siennes was this little unknown ken-1 baby called Kiriyan Hiromo.
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Here is a 'making of' video of a commercial that Maya Miki did.  One of the characters she plays is male.  The reaction of the women present when Maya comes out in her male costume is priceless.



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