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Oct. 7th, 2014 05:52 pm
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Sport's Day was worth every yen I spent on getting the ticket. I'll be writing about the performances and the events in general. I won't say who won what or the final outcome. PM me if you want the results.

First of all I sat in the Snow troupe section while silently rooting for Tsukigumi. We were given a green headband and make it yourself pom poms. I am not crafty so my pom poms looked pitiful. A nice couple sat next to me from Australia. It was her birthday and sports day tickets was his gift. They also saw Lost Glory. He had refused to see any dvds because he wanted to experience everything new. What a nice guy.
I must say that Tsukigumi did the best intro and half time cheer and it's all because of Masaki and her enthusiasm.
Of course Yuzuki was very active and I'll never forget her running up and down the tug of war line encouraging everyone. No top star did the tug of war.
I've never seen Kaname smile so much. She was very relaxed and actually looked like she was enjoying herself. It was amazing.
The two newbies (Chigi and Asumi) tried hard to look more tough then they really are.
Makoto was a great MC and funny. Everyone enjoyed it.
Events: 75 meters races, the big rolling balls, 4 people riding a plastic horse races. There was a variation on the 'throw the ball up to the basket' event. At certain points they all had to perform a dance routine for a minute or two. Each troupe had their own routine. Whistle blows and they go back to throwing the balls. The routines were not easy either.
The top 3 obstacle was interesting. They had to first pick a paper that had line from a play they were in. This caused a little confusion because of multiple times a play has been done. Who gets the Romeo and Juliette line? The Rose of Versailles line? There was also the relay race, tug of war, and musical chairs. Lots of cheering going on and there were lots of people fighting over a chair. A lot had to be resolved with paper,rock,scissors.
One result I will talk about. I don't remember the event but in one event the ongakku got 2nd place. Everyone was shocked. Even Makoto. 'Ongakku??? Honto desu ka?'
Also, the first tug of war was between Hoshi and Hana. The mat on the Hoshi side didn't stay put and just slide so Hana won. They were so happy. Hoshi protested and the crew taped the mat down and it was done over again. This time Hoshi won. Hana was not happy.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. It lasted 3 hours so I wonder what gets cut out. Probably the MC fillers between each event.


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