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Gypsy Baron
Just watched Gypsy Baron.  This starts out with THE BEST DUET DANCE EVER!!!  This dance lasts a long time in Takarazuka time.  A full 6:00 minutes.
It was a difficult dance full of spins and lifts.  There was one spot near the end that I was wondering how many times did they kick each other in rehearsals.

Watching this I'm amazed on how much this combi has grown.  I am now watching a pair of equals. 
I was so afraid that Kiriya would just be totally dominant over her young partner but she has handled it very well and has allowed Aono to grow into their partnership.
I love their duets.

This production is full of large chorus singing which I love.  The music is good. The little stuffed pigs are cute!  Asumi was wonderful.  she played a character that she is very good in, a young man in love with the boss's daughter. 

I was a little disapointed in Masaki's part. She wasn't on stage enough. Her two solos were very nice and she makes a very cute gypsy.  She also looks great in a soldier's uniform.

Overall very enjoyable and with the help of my very limited Japanese and Jen's summary/review I knew what was going.

Rhapsodic Moon
Lots of energetic dancing.
Masaki was defiantly the nibante in this revue with Asumi coming in at a close 3rd.

Asumi did a scene wearing her Death wig.  Tries to kill Kiriya with her sword but of course the sword is taken away from Asumi and killed by Kiriya.

Masaki get a big and long scene in the revue. she looks good in a suit.  Good singing on the ginkyou with otokoyaku dancing in the background.

Loved the scene with every one in white suits with different color silk shirts. Very nice.

Why did they have Sonoka sing and not dance?????

Kiriya singing 'I will Survive' in her duet with Aono.  This is not an easy song to sing and she did very well. The dancing was a another wonderful duet by this combi.  When they retire Hankyu should put out a dvd collection of their duets.

The dvd as a whole was enjoyable.  Most dvds I have I like either the musical OR the revue.  Very rarely do I like both.  This dvd I like both.

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Finally watched Speakeasy and Sniper.  It was fitting that this was Maya Miki's last show.  She makes a good gangster.  You can see why she was so popular and what the attraction was. 
I recognize some of the songs but one had me stumped until towards the end when I realized that it was 'Pirate Jenny'.  I only knew that one because Judy Collins sang it on one of her albums (yes.....before cds).
It was fun seeing who the young gangsters were, Mizu Natsuki, Sena Jun,  and Ranju Tomu. 
Sniper was fun, upbeat, and Maya Miki did a lot and sweated a lot.  Was that Osa singing the theme to Love Boat?  I guess that's called paying your dues on the way to the top.
I haven't seen much with Aika Mire so it was nice that as the next top star she was very visable.
I'd recommend this production to anyone and since it's only on VHS it's a lot cheaper than a DVD.  Catch is, you need a VHS player.
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What can I say about this show? They did such a good job with this production. I had wached the French version with subtitles on YouTube so I had some idea what the songs were about.

The French version might have been more intense then the Takarazuka version but that's one of the things I liked about the Taka version. The addition of the character 'Death' was so like Takarazuka and fitting.

All the principle players were so good. Everytime I see Yuzuki Reon I like her more and more. One of my goals is to see her in person before she retires.

'The Hate' done by Kawai Mizuho and Otohana Yuri was one of my favorites but there were so many good songs and great choreography it's hard to pick an absoulutely favorite.

I agree with everyone about Kurenai Yuzuru's voice in this but I think she did an excellent job in her death scene. I actually teared up.

It must of been hard just lying there dead with everyone singing all around you and how did they not fall off or move when the slab was lifted? Of course, they added the typical Takarazuka scene with them being reunited in the after life. The Death and Love dance in the background was beautiful.

I showed a co-worker who is Japanese the Into and Welcome to Verona that was posted on youtube and she loved it. She is borrowing my dvd. She knows about Takarazuka but had never seen a production. Progress!! Little by little I'll get her hooked.

I know that I'll end up with two versions of this when the Snow troupe dvd comes out.

EDIT: Takarazuka added the character Love...not Death


Aug. 12th, 2010 10:05 pm
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I didn't understand most of it but that didn't get in the way of me enjoying the music and dancing. After a couple of times I started figuring out a little of what was happening. I still don't know how Kai became the king.

Costumes....lots of leather and guns. Can you asked for anything more?

Ranju.....really nice dancing and singing


Hiro.....nice singing!

Oozora.....plays angst really well. Of course, we all knew that. Her dancing and singing was particularly good in this show. I'm impressed with her ability to dodge bullets while everyone else gets shot.

Micchan.....got teary eyed in her death scene.

Nono Sumika ....considering that this was only their 3rd production as tops you can see the partnership growing. They should be interesting as the years go on.

Favorite song: the theme song sung in the beginning, end of the 1st act, and at the end. 水の記憶 (Memories of Water?). Here is the link the last scene. Song starts at 4:10.

Finale ....really enjoyed the amazing dancing that was part of the finale. It was a nice ending to the production.


Special applause for all the kids in the flashbacks. Thank you to Julie who updated the wiki with the kid cast while I was trying to figure out who they were.


This is definitely worth the price.
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This is for the folks that recommended NeoVoyage as a good Wao and Hana revue. Although I’ve had Kiss to the Flames for quite awhile and it’s one of my favorites, I’ve never watched NeoVoyage. It was time to rectify that. Thank you all who recommended this revue.
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