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Nice poster of Kiriya for her upcoming concert



Sep. 7th, 2013 09:24 pm
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Tokyo got the Olympics for 2020. Who else hopes for a Takarazuka revue in the opening ceremonies?

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Ugh! Another 88 bites the dust. She was one of my favorites in Soragumi and loved her as Detective Gumshoe.

I am so glad I got to see her live in Streak of Light, especially in the Halloween and the audition scenes.

Why retire before the 100th anniversary? I don't get that.
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Just spent the weekend in Vancouver, WA for a half marathon while my partner spent the time photographing waterfalls in the Columbia gorge.
On the way home we have to stop at Powells's Books in Portland. A very Big bookstore. They were having a 20%off sale on Japanese fiction. I was looking through the books snd one caught my eye. Spring Snow. It took a few seconds then Oh!!! 春の雪!!!! I bought it and will be imagining Asumi Rio as the lead while reading it.

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Since Koshino Ryuu is retiring I was wondering who would take over. I looked at the Moon troupe list and who will be the oldest? Magee!!! Do you think she'll be the new kumichou? She seems to young to me.
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Kumichou retiring!!! I'll really miss her. Loved her in Hamlet!
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Thanks to charleytuna who actually found the Wao/Helen clip on youtube.

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I owe everyone a review of this.
In Dec 2012 I went to Japan and the last performance I saw there was Wao Youka in Trojan Women. This is a Greek play by Aristophanes.

This play was done in conjunction with a theater company from Israel and after they were done in Japan everyone was going to perform in Israel.

There were three languages spoken, Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese. Everyone spoke their native language. Whenever Arabic or Hebrew were spoken Japanese subtitles were shown on each side of the stage. Great…..three languages I don’t understand and I don’t read Japanese that fast, although I did recognize one word that got used a lot, 死ぬ.

The main characters are Hecuba and the Chorus. The Chorus consisted of 5 Japanese, 5 Arabic, 5 Israeli women so they took turns in speaking the lines in their language. The different cadences and sounds each language had was like another character in the play. Hecuba and the Chorus were all dressed in black and grey.

There were 3 women and that came on stage for different reasons and their costumes were the only colors on stage. Cassandra wore white, Andromache wore purple, and Helen wore Red.
Wao played Helen. Helen does not show up on stage until the second act and only for about 10-15 minutes. Now, when I first heard that Wao was going to play Helen I thought ‘Wao as beautiful? Face that launched a thousand ships?’ I love Wao but in a tux. Doki doki. So I was shocked when Wao came on stage. Holy Shit! She’s beautiful!!! Sorry to say I actually said that out loud in the theater. I don’t think I was the only one because there was a lot of muttering going on in that theater. Her acting was great. The women were all blaming her for the war and wanting her death. She acted strong and defiant when coming on the stage, humble when pleading for her life, and defeated when leaving. For such a short time on stage she made an impression.


Afterwards there was demachi with the Wao Fan Club and I stood off to the side. She’s still gracious as ever coming to talk to her fans. I’m so glad I had the chance to see Wao live for the first time. She is my all time favorite sienne.

I wish I was able to see her in something where she had more stage time. By the way, she’s playing Dracula again 8/23-9/8. Damn…..why in my off years.

EDIT: Thanks to charleytuna for finding Wao's Helen on youtube.

Spring Snow

May. 1st, 2013 09:43 am
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I have watched this a couple of times now and I see that this is going to be watched quite a few more times.

Reading the plot in Wikipedia really helped.

Love the music. The music in the dream land was very impressive.

Asumi Rio - Wow!! She has really improved in her acting and singing. I swear that she has been in an upswing since Studio 54. I really hope she does well in Hanagumi. My Asumi story is that I saw her perform the Chauvelin role twice in Scarlet Pimpernal in 2010. The first time she was OK. Sang on tune, acted ok but was no way near what Masaki was doing for that role. The second time I had to look twice to see that it was the same person. She was fantastic!! I couldn't believe it. Turns out Sena was in the audience. Wished she would perform that way everytime.

Tamaki and Uzuki Hayate did very well in their roles. Couldn't decide if Uzuki was a good or bad guy. Both had really nice solos.

Hayami Sei sings and acts!!!! It was pretty good too! That was a nice surprise.

I really recommend this. Very good Bow Hall production.
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Just watched the last episode in season 2 of Sherlock. Towards the beginning of the episode there some music and somebody singing and I kept asking 'Where is that music from?'
Finally it hits me. Its the final big song in Nova Bossa Nova. It even includes the group clapping that happens when they dance in a circle around the top star.
I have to watch it again to listen to the lyrics and see if they are the same.
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In case you haven't see this yet. Kiriya and Matoba at the My Fair Lady press conference.

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Megan retired after only 1 year????? Darn, there goes somebody that could've read letters in English.
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There is a kickstart project to help fund their production of Hamlet this year. Watch the video.

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Today is my 60th birthday. Finished a 15 k (9.3 mi) race in 2:45. Not bad. Still want to be faster. My partner did it with me. This was the longest distance she's ever done. She only whined the last 2 miles.
Spending the rest of the day watching Takarazuka. My favorite things.

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I feel so lucky. I love computer programming and I've been doing it for so long (30 years) that I can have a Takarazuka show playing in the corner of my screen and it doesn't slow me down.
Today I watched Snow Troupe's 1994 An Actors Revenge and Moon troupe's 2006 Rome at Dawn.

This was the first time I saw An Actors Revenge and I loved it. I have to watch it a couple more times to catch all the future top stars in this one. Haven't found Kiriya yet.

It's always nice watching Rome at Dawn and seeing all the juniors that become very big in later years. Have to restrain myself from singing out loud which would not be pleasant.

Nice to get my Takarazuka fix in.


Dec. 31st, 2012 10:47 am
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Here I am at the University of Oregon's basketball arena. I'm one of those people selling bingo cards so I get here early. We will be playing the #1 team in the nation today, UConn. I hope we stay s little close.

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This is my last night in Japan. I've been here for 2 weeks and 3 days. In that time I've seen 9 Takarazuka performances and Wao in Trojan Women.
Today I just walked around Shibuya, Akakusa, and went to the theater one more time.
I hit Quartre Reves again and bought a couple more things. At this point I'm probably buying dups.
I'll remember Jin/Gold Sparks because I'm happy to be able to see Ototsuki before she left. I'll remember finding Hana no Michi on my first try and finding myself singing 'Sumire no Hana.....' as soon as I was on Hana no Michi. I'll remember meeting zaraphena and her showing me where to get a bagel and cream cheese.
I had a good time but it was a little long. Next time only Osaka and shorter! That's what I orginally planned but retirement announcements messed that planning up.
I'll write more about Trojan Women later. I need my scanner for that.
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1. Why hasn't anyone mentioned that Drama City is in the basement of Hankyu Hotel?? Makes perfect sense

2. Met zaraphena last Sunday and she showed me where to get a bagel with cream cheese!!!

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Favorite costume
Yuzuki's rainbow jacket in Reon!
New fav is Makaze in Star Bride

Favorite musume - Chapi although I liked her better as a otokoyaku

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