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Dec. 5th, 2016 02:20 pm
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My Don Juan DVD came and I actually waited 3 days before watching it.
I am firmly now in the Daimon camp. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about until I saw Kenshin.
Then she was great in Hoshiai Hitoyo . Now with Don Juan I'll be very disappointed if she's not Chigi's successor.
Her acting and singing was spot on.
It's hard to switch from hating to supporting a character. Daimon's portrayal did that.
Being tortured by his father and the ghost makes him a character that you feel sorry for and then he turns evil again then turns good again.
What a roller coaster!

The supporting cast was fantastic. Loved Ayakaze Sakina as Don Carlo. She was also great in Kenshin.
Karyou Shizuru as the ghost was amazing. Creepy.
Towaki Sea as Raphael also gets a big shout out.

I think they have to put more thought in staging the smaller productions and they did very well in this case.
The destruction of the statue was really impressive and the ghost suddenly showing up had me going back to detect when she came on stage.
All in all one of those amazing smaller productions. See it!
The only thing it needed was a better finale. Shangri-la and Nijinsky had way better finales.
I hate to confess this but I've had Al Capone sitting in the 'have to see' pile for a long time. I'll have to dig it out now.


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