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This week I saw Count's Daughter and Elizabeth twice each.
Count's Daughter was nice Chigi and Sakihi make a very cute couple. Their duet got lots of applause. I think everyone was shocked that there was actually a lift in the duet. They didn't think Chigi would be strong enough. I keep forgetting that Dai-chan is now in the snow troupe so it was a shock when I saw her. This was the first time I've seen Natsumi You in person. She is very powerful and had a really nice solo.
The music was good and everyone seemed happy that Chigi was now the top star.

Nozomi Fuuto did very good as Luigi but Kiriya will always be my ideal Luigi and Oozora my favorite Rudolph.
Asumi was very good as Death. Her voice was strong and she would get creepy at the right times. Her costumes were very subtle and would look good in the DVD closeups or through binoculars but would look plain from the theater seats. I still say that Ayaki Nao got the best Death costumes.
I saw one time with Serika Toa as Rudolph and the other with Yuzuka Rei. I like Serika's voice better but thought Yuzuka fit the part better.
Micchan has become my favorite Franz. She was great.
I'm so happy that Ranno Hana stayed to play this part. Wow...she was good.
I loved seeing this in person. There is so much going on. My respect for those who play the Death Angels has gone up. They do so much during the performance.
Considering that Elizabeth was my introduction to Takarazuka and my first DVD I'm glad I saw this.


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